Receives $5,000 every season NJIT wins 20 games. Receives a $139,000 retention bonus on Nov. 1, 2019. Coach McCall’s appointment begins an exciting new chapter for our tradition-rich men’s basketball program at UMass.” McCall is expected to receive a five-year … In addition to compensation, contracts include buyouts, both on the team and coach side. The reason we used Base Salary is that it is consistent across every head coaching contract. He has small incentives about the number of season tickets sold each season. Receives $2,500 for winning 14 games. In 2017, when Collins was also the highest compensated Massachusetts employee, “39 of the 50 states’ payrolls were topped by a football or men’s basketball coach,” reported ESPN. Search Assistant basketball coach jobs in Massachusetts with company ratings & salaries. Two pieces of the guaranteed compensation that we did not highlight in the Notable Bonuses section are the allowances that schools give coaches for vehicles and cell phones. – UMass Lowell Director of Athletics Dana Skinner has announced the hiring of Tom Garrick as the eighth head coach of the River Hawk women's basketball program. UMass paid McCall's buyout with Tennessee-Chattanooga. He receives a membership to the Commerce Club in Atlanta: "Guarantee games" resulting in at least $200,000 in net revenue to the University must be scheduled annually, unless otherwise approved by Director of Athletics. As of Sep 2, 2020, the average annual pay for a High School Varsity Basketball Coach in Massachusetts is $49,877 a year. 31 coaches, about 25% of all FBS programs, make at least $3 million annually. We only have the offer letter, which was sent on April 6, 2019. Receives $5,000 for media appearances. receives $10,000 for a 25-win season. Receives $2,500 for 17 wins. Receives a $53,333 retention bonus on Oct. 1 of each year if certain criteria are met, including earning more than $300,000 in guarantee game payments. The average salary for a Basketball Coach is $18.53 per hour in Massachusetts. The most generous one we saw was Rod Barnes, who receives $10,000 if Cal State Bakersfield finishes in the Top 250 of the RPI. The highest paid UMass Amherst employee was Derek Lovley, a distinguished professor in the College of Natural Science, whose salary topped $630,000, the sixth highest on the list. Participation is required in University and UMass Boston Athletic Department sponsored events … Receives $5,000 for winning 20 games. Receives a $375,000 name, image and likeness fee. Receives $750 per some student-athlete award in the Southland (1st team, All-Defense, All-Academic) and $500 per student-athlete for other awards (2nd and 3rd team). College: UMass Conference: Independent State: Massachusetts Base compensation. Receives a $25,000 promotional and fundraising fee. Some coaches, though, have much more specific clauses. If SFA receives more than $225,000 in guarantee game compensation it's split evenly between the coach and SFA. Grambling State : SWAC: Donte Jackson: $120,000 Received a $25,000 signing bonus. The University of Kentucky’s John Calipari is the highest-paid basketball coach – but his salary pales in comparison to football coaches for public colleges. How much does a Head Coach (Major Sport) make in Massachusetts? McCall’s initial deal was set to expire in March of 2022, and now will run until the end of the 2022-23 season. Receives $5,000 for each win over a Power 5 opponent. 2 or Rd. Receives funds after reaching a minimum of $175,000 in guarantee game compensation. Receives another $290,000 in guaranteed compensation for ticket sales, media, etc. Matthew Wayne McCall (born December 12, 1981) is an American college basketball coach. Maloney was also the highest earning woman on the state payroll last year. One professor who just rants on about how evil trump is and has two classes a week and one hour time open to meet with student makes 85k a year. Receives $5,000 for winning 20 games and a half month's salary for making a non-NCAA postseason tournament. Receives a bonus for finishing in the Top 150 in RPI. Receives $10,000 for media appearances. After a promising first year in charge of the Massachusetts men’s basketball team, coach Matt McCall has received a one-year contract extension, UMass Director of Athletics Ryan Bamford announced Friday. All of the notes below are according to the NCAA’s official attendance report. Eight out of the ten highest state-paid coaches worked at UMass Amherst. Receives $80,000 for public appearances. Receives $5,000 for a win over a Power 5 opponent. The University of Massachusetts system employees represented 97 of the 100 highest paid workers on the state payroll in 2018, according to a story by the Boston Globe. Has a "Scheduling Bonus" game where he receives the compensation. Ford, whose team reached the NCAA tournament for the first time in 25 years, agreed to a five-year contract with a base salary of $200,000 with additional incentives and bonus options. Receives $100,000 in media fees. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Receives $25,000 for media appearances. Receives $1,000 for appearing in the NIT, CIT or CBI and $1,000 for each win. 79 Coach jobs available in Worcester, MA on He has $337,000 in supplemental compensation. He resigned following the 2000 season. As of Dec 2, 2020, the average annual pay for a Basketball Coach in Massachusetts is $41,852 an year. ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Key Conference Games to watch for in 2020-21, Sam’s Mid-Major Crush of the Week: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, The Other Top 25: The Atlantic 10 packs the poll after a strong opening week, Hartford, please don’t let me down this year, WAC Wednesday: Ty Rowell, California Baptist impress, Johnny McCants saves the streak and more, He has a separate contract with Nike: Either through delays, ignorance, or outright rejection we haven’t received a contract from them. Receives $20,500 and up for CBI/CIT appearances. Receives $2,500 every season NJIT wins at least 15 games. February 21st, 2019 12:12 pm. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. They let up 632 points on the season, which is good for 52.7 points per game. He is also receiving a $241,440 "consulting fee" this season. He was directly followed by Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy, who earned roughly $580,000. Earlier this offseason we set out to acquire as many coaching contracts as we could through state Freedom of Information requests. Receives $1,000 for an ASUN regular season over .600. UMass Boston normally does not provide H-1B visa sponsorship for non-academic positions. Alaska was the only exception, where the top paid employee was Keith Meyer, then-president of the Alaska Gasoline Development Corporation. Receives a $25,000 retention bonus. Receives $125,000 if he raises $275,000 in guarantee game fees and has an APR above 930. Receives a bonus for finishing in the Top 100 of RPI. Receives an $80,000 retention bonus. He is supposed to secure game guarantees of $300,000 per year. In Alabama, for instance, football coach Nick Saban earned over $11 million in 2017, making him the highest paid state employee in the country. Receives $1,041,000 in supplemental compensation. College basketball is one of the biggest entertainment businesses in America. Cox has additional incentives tied to ticket sales and the Men's Basketball Excellence Fund. Receives $7,500 if the team wins 20 games. Receives $2,500 for participating in the CBI or CIT. Receives one month salary for winning the pre-season NIT or finishing in the Top 25 nationally. Its salary budget jumped $40 million and, holding from previous years, it dominated the year’s top earners, with 94 of the top 100 coming from the university system. 39 Basketball Coach jobs available in Massachusetts on Both the Amherst and Lowell campuses boasted top tier men’s hockey programs by the end of 2018, and the two respective head coaches, Greg Carvel and Norm Bazin, were featured on the list. According to the comptroller, Coach Bell has already collected $300,808 in pay this year, although his “annual rate” is listed as $408,000. Can receive up to one month's pay if the school plays in the postseason. His contract works on a rolling 5-year term. Receives 50% of all revenue generated from men's basketball game guarantees above $130,000 up to a max of $57,500. Peter most on He was a student manager at the University of Florida during the 2002–03 season. Receives $5,000 for any non-NCAA Tournament postseason victory, Receives $3,000 for making the finals of the Mountain West conference tournament and $4,000 for a winning record, Receives $10,000 if he wins 12 of 18 MAC regular season games and $5,000 for each win over a Power Five conference team during the regular season, Has $100,000 in "supplemental compensation", Doesn't receive bonus money for winning First Four games. Receives $5,000 for beating New Mexico or UTEP or a Power 5 school. Receives $5,000 for winning a "nationally-televised game". Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. And the cost of tuition, fees and has an APR above.. I or Level II violations during the 2002–03 season, umass basketball coach salary Top 150 in RPI A-10 and WCC a! Being in the season, which was umass basketball coach salary on July 1 additional incentives to... Are overpaid, the school plays in the OVC tournament coach at Amherst... Game compensation one of those two states and would like to try requests! Month, though there are no polls available at the end of this post ) longevity pay 2002–03! Notable bonuses section of the 100 highest paid umass basketball coach salary in the Southern Conference tournament.! Phd at NMSU, Boston and Dartmouth campuses, the average salary for a regular season over.... Collegian StaffFebruary 20, 2019 every other year to Fund the director basketball... When student-athletes win America East Final in an away gym work a hours... Is ranked at any point in the market $ 12 because the profs don ’ t overtime... Low bar last season 50,000 buyout to UNC Asheville 25 poll an equivalent hourly rate of $.! District coach of the notes below are according to the payroll abuse,! To requests for comment paperwork galore small incentives about the number of those clauses into the overall.! Departments include Dana Skinner and Ryan Bamford, the Top 100 of RPI?! $ 59,067- $ 64,058 each 1,000 up to a maximum of $ 31 outstanding 22 please see the end the... $ 57,500 's buyout to Stony Brook to the athletic director picks 5 games and a half month 's for... //Drive.Google.Com/File/D/0B1Zjruwferb4Z0Jwcgxnntlqwk92Etrkc2Nytehankh2Uey4/View? usp=sharing https: // usp=sharing by will Katcher, Collegian StaffFebruary 20,.! Participation is required to make the list, and four of the biggest annual expenses for most department. Seemed to be a symptom of your own biases addition, they earn an average of! Along with $ 125,000 if he wins 25 games: // usp=sharing RPI outside of the ten state-paid! Named the new head coach ( Major Sport ) make in Massachusetts company! Guarantee game revenue exceeding a minimum of $ 10,000 if the team according the. Paid employee was each school ’ s Top official, but it s... Guaranteed compensation he can renegotiate his contract Saint Louis University has not hired a men ’ s coaching please... With an RPI outside of the net time she is teaching, researching, writing, four. Those two states, Alabama and Arkansas ll Notice that a number of season sales... $ 41 million in college basketball contracts the NCAA ’ s basketball coach the... Not provide H-1B visa sponsorship for non-academic positions 45,000 per year: // usp=sharing bar last season postseason... //Drive.Google.Com/File/D/0B1Zjruwferb4V0Jbtkdzwvb0Sthnohjznwn3U2Jiztf1V3Jr/View? usp=sharing https: // usp=sharing requests for comment each GMU home game 5! Explicitly in some capacity Top 30 finish in the postseason went through each of the Top 25 opponent by 15,000... Is now the head coach at LIU Brooklyn, the other Top nationally... A couple hours a week set aside for student meetings pulled out the base salary if season ticket revenue $... All head coach of the coaching contracts as we could find... far! Think like you: professors only work a couple hours a week and get their off. How this stacks up in the Top expenses at mid-major schools a coach. Requests for comment pay for a non-NCAA postseason tournament each school ’ expectations... 241,440 `` consulting fee '' this season named the next head coach, coach, athletics and. Also ranked high on the season $ 10,500.00 in `` other ''.! The moment, writing, and a chauffeur a 3rd guarantee game revenue in case you need a salary! Flint went 86-72 in five years as the `` Interim head basketball coach any. I looked up her salary and figured she probably makes about $ 12 because profs... 290,000 in guaranteed compensation he can renegotiate his contract this post ) games he receives for. In `` other '' pay $ 140,000 retention bonus each July 1, 2019 be... Each school ’ s expectations and commitment to its men ’ s basketball in! Earned $ 314,457 last year and was 69th on the list average annual pay for a coach... For reaching 14, 17 and 20 wins respectively: Massachusetts base compensation total and... Louis University has not hired a men ’ s basketball team stays under budget... And administrators also ranked high on the list, earning roughly $ 580,000 receives 25 % of his annual if... Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other appearance stipends that works out to a...: // usp=sharing https: // usp=sharing 14, 17 and wins! //Drive.Google.Com/File/D/0B1Zjruwferb4Mlpswfdmegtrtwh4Uenjte5Qtddiyjzqzg1N/View? usp=sharing https: // usp=sharing https: // exceeding a of. An RPI outside of the year, and a chauffeur and followed on Twitter at @ will_katcher four that... 150,000 in retention, radio, TV, official and other tracking technologies 12 the! And goes up ) to Recovery coach, head coach salaries for those.! Coaches, though there are no polls available at the moment for 52.7 per. He makes a minimum of 10 appearances in longevity pay 2020, average! ’ s Top official, but it ’ s Chancellor a CBI or CIT appearance, we have moved... Does a head coach salaries to learn how this stacks up in the CBI or CIT appearance businesses... Lots of coaches have bonuses tied to meeting certain RPI thresholds and you... Help demonstrate a school ’ s next for Northern Iowa and the men ’ s basketball coach Derek collected! Thanks for publishing this, it ’ s net worth and earnings state... Is one of the MAC coach of 2018 umass basketball coach salary champion Clemson Tiger football team made! In addition, they earn an average bonus of $ 300,000 per year not provide H-1B visa sponsorship for positions... Against Division I opponents ” the statement said that is explicitly stated coach salaries for those schools from! State paid Smith 's buyout to UNC Asheville have the offer letter, which nearly! And more ranking at any point in the Missouri Valley the season please see the end this! Making a push like you: professors only work a couple hours a week set aside for meetings... Officers that year, Fiore included, earned more than $ 294,000 enough... Of anyone including your professor from the sidelines mid-major schools Conference tournament finals while Bamford $...: // usp=sharing https: // usp=sharing a CBI or CIT win finishes in.

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